Harrow Carts

A Variety of Sizes to Choose From

Our Flex Tine Harrow Carts will accept 7/16", 1/2", and 5/8" harrow sections. The 5/8" harrow sections can only be 6' long. We have 13 sizes of carts available from 16' to 42'. Visit Ogden Metalworks Inc today!

Harrow Cart


You can choose the degree of penetration from passive or aggressive. The front and rear sections are made to be independently adjustable.

Our 38' and 42' Carts have Dual Wheel Mounts on the center section. *Six tires are required.* Our standard tongue size is 17' 4" long.

Harrow Cart Benefits

  • Pasture renovation
  • Herbicides incorporation
  • One-pass applications of herbicides
  • Maximized germination
  • Root aeration
  • Better moisture penetration
  • Self-cleaning action
  • Saves time and fuel
Visit us for top-quality harrow carts!
301 N. Marilyn Ave
We have 13 different sizes of Harrow Carts to meet your needs.
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