Hybrid Hay Runner

Less Field Damage

We have 8-wheel, 10-wheel, and 12-wheel high capacity hay rakes available. Our rakes are proudly built in the United States of America! Our Hybrid Hay runner has a high-clearance heavy-duty frame with independent rake arms and comes with adjustable torsion springs on each arm. Our torsion springs provide equal tension as the rake arm moves up and down with the ground contour.

Our torsion springs help you control ground pressure, which results in less field damage and rake tine wear. Visit Ogden Metalworks Inc today!
Hybrid Hay Runner

Raised Front Wheel

Front rake wheels on HR10 and front 1-rake or 2-rake wheels on HR12 can be raised to reduce raking width.

Rear Hinging Ability

The rear 2 wheels on the I series tubes can be adjusted to narrow or widen the window without affecting the overall raking width. This allows operating the rake at a steeper angle in heavy crops and maintaining a narrower window or operating the rake at a flatter angle in light crops and maintaining a wider window.

Hydraulic Center Wheel Kits

Single-wheel and double-wheel hydraulic lifts are available. Walking tandem axles are also available in all sizes of rakes. Contact us today.
Hydraulic Center Wheel Kits

Patented Torsion Spring on Each Wheel

Adjustable torsion spring on each wheel provides better ground pressure control for less tine wear.


  • High-clearance frame
  • Narrow transport
  • 3 models available
  • Adjustable tongue length
  • Easy rake angle adjustment
  • 15" tires
  • Single side raking
  • Windrow width adjustment
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • 3.5" x 8" Hydraulic cylinders
  • 55" Rake wheels with 7mm rake teeth
  • Adjustable tongue clevis    
  • Optional center wheel kit  
  • Optional windguards    
  • Optional tandem axles
Visit today for high-capacity hay rakes!
301 N. Marilyn Ave
*Design and specifications subject to change without notice.*

Control the ground pressure and reduce the damage done to your field.

Available in red or green color to suit your current farm equipment.

Narrow transport on all Hay
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