RCR 812 Hay Runner

RCR812 Hay Runner to Help Prevent Field Damage

This rake comes as an 8-wheel, 10-wheel, or 12-wheel rake. Similar to the Hybrid Hay Runner, just a simpler design and easier to use! The RCR812 can use 60” wheels and the standard 55”. It also offers a Center Wheel Kit on the front tongue of the rake. 

This prevents hay from balling up in the back of the rake when raking a high volume of hay. We use the same patented torsion springs on the RCR812 Hay Runner to help prevent field damage. Visit Ogden Metalworks Inc.
RCR812 Hay Runner


Hydraulic 2 wheel Center Wheel Kit is now on the front of the rake. 55” wheels are used on the CWK. No more hay balling up behind the rake!

Front Two Wheels

Front rake wheels on the RCR10 and the front two rake wheels on the RCR12 can be pinned up to reduce the raking width.
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